China  2005 with Samuel

Photos from the China travelers

This site shows the work of a few Phoenix photographers who want to share their memories of the delight, beauty and inspiration of the 2005 trip to the Orient. It is our way of saying thanks to our companions for sharing the fun along the way, and is a token, to you who stayed behind, of even deeper gratitude for the thoughts and energy you sent around the world in support of Phoenix's work.


David Thomson
   Photography in China was a challenge for me. I think we all found that our pictures lacked the clarity and punch we were used to, the fault of the hazy air we experienced almost every day. In the name of art, I could have restored some of this through software by increasing the contrast, but, in the name of reality, I decided to preserve the haze as we experienced it.
   We each saw China from the same places, so many of our pictures are almost duplicates. But apart from the fact that we often stood in each other's footsteps for our pictures, each person's vision through the haze was different—what was important to us and why, and how we wanted to remember it. And how we wanted to remember each other.

Crystal Doll
Suzie Stammer
Jennifer Little
Laura Reed
Marj White
There's space for more. If you'd like to add some of your own pictures to this collection, please let it be known.